Private Landlord Rentals

Rentfromtheowner is the online property advertising website that allows private landlords to be in control of letting their properties, and allows potential tenants to rent directly from the owner of the private rental properties.

Rentfromtheowner allows both the landlord and the tenant to cut out the ‘middleman’ and deal directly with each other. If you are a landlord then this is valuable to you, as it allows you to deal with people who have a genuine interest in your private rental properties and people who are potential future tenants.

The internet is bursting with websites that offer private rental properties, but Rentfromtheowner is different as it puts the Landlord in control of the letting their own properties, this dramatically reduces outgoing costs for the letting agent.

Landlords are now choosing Rentfromtheowner to let their private rentals, as we are a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods which used to be chosen to by private landlords to control the letting of their private rental properties.

Advertising your properties on Rentfromtheowner is quick and easy for any private landlord to do, creating your own personal adverts for your private rental properties takes less than 10 minutes, and once you have done this your private rentals will be then be advertised online until they are let.

As a private landlord by using Rentfromtheowner you can advertise direct to your tenants, in a way which is convenient and easy for you, but at the same time effective in finding tenants for your private rental properties.